Welcome! I am so excited you are working towards being a licensed professional counselor. The steps to becoming an LPC Associate are found here: How to Apply for LPC Associate in Texas. Please reach out if you have any questions!

A supervisor can be the key to a competent and confident therapist. I am a LPC Supervisor in the state of Texas and look forward to meeting with you. As a former teacher, mentor, and now a supervisor, supporting new therapists in their processes of therapy and professional development is one of my most cherished professional roles.

Using the integrative model and developmental models of supervision, I continually assess my interns to provide appropriate instruction and support to my supervisees on an individual level. Through the use of various personality assessments and in-depth discussions, I become familiar with my associates in a way that allows me to support them in their therapeutic development.

My professional experiences allow me to support associates who are working in various counseling environments.I look forward to meeting with you, the LPC associate, to see if we work well together and then proceed with a supervision relationship that supports you in reaching your goals.


  • Fees: $100 per hour for individual or triad supervision, $75 per hour for group supervision.
  • Monthly 2 hour group supervision session as well as scheduled individual sessions.
  • Daytime, evening, and weekend supervision available.
  • Supervision available in person or virtually.
  • Willing to supervise variety of counseling roles.
  • Associates must be working in Texas.